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Upcoming Shows

Hip-Hop Dance Event   |  28th February   |  7:30pm  



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The Man Who Left is not the Man who Came Home  |  3rd March   |   8:00pm   |  14+



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First Year Work in Progress Scene Study  | 19th March   | 7:00pm  


Work in-progress student production

Physical Theatre Showcase  |  1st April   |   7:30pm  


Showcase of 2nd year work

Physical Theatre Showcase  |  1st April   |   7:30pm  


Showcase of 3rd year work

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BFest 2020  |  TBC May      




Community Workshops

Hearts of Men Drumming Forum  |  13th February- 26th March   |   8:00pm  



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Craft Initiative  |  Every Saturday 22nd February- 4th April   |   8:00pm  


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Carribbean Social Forum  |  7th April   |   8:00pm  



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DTP Research Group

Creative Futures  |  20th February  |   5:00-9:00pm  




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Drama, Theatre & Performance |  30th April  





Drama, Theatre & Performance |  28th May  




Other Events

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NAPA Conference |  2nd June


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