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Meet Kitten. Kitten wants to talk to you about sex.


Good sex; bad sex; worse sex; porn; flashbacks; dreams met; dreams missed. Consent. That sounds heavy… but not to worry, it’s all packaged in an easily digestible online listicle!


An all-singing, all-dancing conversation about sexual trauma. With confetti.

Acclaimed theatre company Kittensh*t presents an exhilarating, extraordinary, frank and funny production that explores one journey through the causes and effects of sexual trauma. Broaching major issues from consent to stigma with hilarious charm, this interactive extravaganza is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Kittensh*t formed in 2016, their work attempts to explore the complicated edges of big issues and bring to the forefront the doubts, distractions, humour and humanity that exists when you talk honestly beyond the headline. Using the personal responses of Ella and Mark, along with associate artists, to subjects that are often received as black and white, their work tries to be current, complex and clumsy, always copping to the mistakes that they make along the way. They want to be judged, and for audiences to judge themselves, by starting the conversation “So, what do you really feel about this?”

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