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About the Resident

Founded in 1997 by Lucas Silvestrini and Bettina Strickler, Protein has built a reputation for creating award-winning provocative dance performances, both off-and-on stage, that connect theatrical experience with everyday life, and which have toured Internationally and across the UK.


Notable performances include: 'LOL (Lots Of Love)' 2011 nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Dance at Theatre Awards UK 2011, May Contain Food, 2016 -2018 selected and adapted to be a part of the Rural Touring Dance Initiative, a pioneering project designed to stimulate the making of dance for rural areas, and '(In)Visible Dancing' 2010 - present recently selected for a residency in Stockton-in-Tees: to name but a few.


Protein's next upcoming performance 'Border Tales' is an acclaimed piece of comic dance theatre created by Lucas Silvestrini and brought back and presented in 'post-Brexit Britain'. For upcoming dates please click here.


For further information about Protein and what they do please visit their website here.


Bathway Theatre Network welcome their first long term Artist-in-Residence:

Residency Programme

Conducting a year and a half residency from the 1st April 2018, dance-theatre company Protein will be the first long term artist-in-residence to be hosted by Bathway Theatre Network. Using the Bathway office, and occasionally rehearsal space for productions, they will also be collaborating with the University of Greenwich Drama programme to offer two placement opportunities and a number of masterclasses to Drama BA Hons students.


Bathway Theatre Network look forward to the many exciting creative opportunities and crossovers, for both dance theatre company and students, that will arise from this residency.


Keep an eye out on this, and the 'Upcoming' page, for all activities and events that will unfold during this residency. You can also follow Bathway Network Theatre activities via our Twitter page.


Proteins' Rachele Rapisardi leads a workshop on speaking and movement in devised Dance Theatre as part of the Drama Departments  'Physical Theatre Module' at University of Greenwich.

Rachele Rapisardi is currently living in London and works with Protein Dance, Ben Duke (Lost Dog) and Gwyn Emberton, and has a detailed catalogue of experience in contemporary dance; training at Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) and working alongside Nina Dipla in Paris to name but a few.