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The Drama staff at University of Greenwich are creative practitioners and theatre scholars, engaged in collaborative and independent research projects. Below are some examples of the research projects that have been undertaken.

Pub Under the Stairs pic

Research at the University of Greenwich

The Pub Under the Stairs

Inspired by the curious objects and artefacts that were dug up when the new Stockwell Street site was built, this 15 minute performance brought together live action and filmed images into a shared reality.

Writer & Director: Jillian Wallis

Film: Ed Currie

Performers: Amy Bentley, Ruby Brown, Harriet Gandy,

Daniel Ward-Nixon and Abbie Woolcott

Part of an ACE funded project: The Broken Plate: Drawing on the Past - Looking to the Future

This artistic collaboration traced the stories of the people and the built environment connected to the site of Stockwell Street Library.

Hold Everything Dear: Performance, Politics & John Berger


and curated papers/writing by: Tom Overton (Barbican Centre & Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and John Berger's Biographer), Deborah Pearson (Forest Fringe), Rosie Rizq (University of Roehampton) and Mary Paterson, Maddy Costa & Diana Damian-Martin (Something Other).

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Bathway Network Theatre hosted a symposium on the implications of Berger’s thought for performance. Organised by Simon Bowes for the Department of Language, Literature and Theatre, the day featured a selection of specially  commissioned perforances by:

Beatrice Jarvis (Kingston University), Rhiannon Armstrong (Independent artist), Michael Pinchbeck/ New Perspectives (University of Lincoln) and Campbell Edinborough (University of Hull).

Photo credit: Jean Mohr