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Would you like to get involved in the project? Look through the project activities to see current opportunity or, if you have your own ideas, email: [email protected]

Access to free performance

We believe that Theatre brings people together. Hosting a series of free performances, from award winning productions, to emerging new proffesional work or community led initiatives

University of Greenwich Student Union Competition

An opportunity for the University of Greenwich's Student Union to work with staff at the Bathway Theatre and local community. For competition video click here & for how to apply click here

Verbatim Storyelling Workshops June 2019

Working with community partners to understand the barriers to education which occur with care leavers.

What About Us, My Own Swagga

8 Weeks of singing workshops with Galeforce Universal Production Ltd. These workshops will ask participants to share their stories and learn how to translate these into song. These workshops are for adults.

If you would like to be involved please contact Erica: [email protected]

Community Lunch’s

8 Weeks of community lunch’s, sharing food and stories in a safe space.

Spoken Word / Poetry Slam

8 weeks of spoken word and rap with The Rommel Foundation. Turning the stories of young people into an art from.

This workshop is for 14 to 17 year olds

Open European Societies

Working with European partners to understand how we combat the stigmaism associated with immigration and refugees

Some light entertainment TBC

Some Light entertainment in troubled times will become Dead Rabbits Theatre Companies new theatre production.

The story will be told from the perspective of migrants, under the auspices of Spiegel-tent imagery. In the heart of the show is a female protagonist, it is driven by female stories, with an artistic direction from an Eastern European woman who experienced the ‘shadows’ of war herself. In this production we will use the community’s voice, heard through the workshops and public showings from the larger “what about us project” to infuse our stories. In this way the production of “Some Light Entertainment in Those Troubled Times” puts the community on our creative team.

-Draft copy-

A tale of times where lightness of human spirit mixes with dark echoes of fascist shadows. A tale of people who seek freedom and safety which always escape them. The banality of evil is as pervasive and present.

Exotic, Decadent and Different, full of glitter and tears, they wait in shadows, full of stories that no one cares to hear….their bodies contorted and twisted like little girl’s dolls… For a moment, we can hear their voices, and see them through the bright light of cheap entertainment.

This is a story about people. People who were swept by the tornado of war and its consequences.