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We believe that universities and theatres have a social responsibility to engage in the communities in which they sit.

“What About Us: Empowering Community Voices” is a partnership project which was inspired by the community diversity conference, organised by BEP education at the Bathway Theatre on the 13th October. The conference bought together local residents and organisations and demonstrated that there is a need for a community led forum to share concerns and identify local solutions with local companies, residents and organisations.

This project aims:

1) To take direct action through a series of workshops which tackle three areas of social need. Two raised by community organisations, The ROMEL Foundation and Galeforce Productions Universal Ltd at the Diversity event and the third identified through research at the University of Greenwich.

2) To listen and build knowledge - Identifying how the Building and its activity can support the local community and reach out to those who might most benefit

3) To share knowledge gained from local, national and international workshops and research in areas identified in order to help identify and promote local sustainable solutions.

4) In July 2019, we will use this knowledge and identify areas of required future activity to bid for additional funding to sustain activity over a longer term.